Snapshot Jiu Jitsu with Eli Knight

Have you ever noticed that when Jiu Jitsu practitioners watch tutorials online they tend to fast forward straight to "the good part"?  We noticed that, too!

This 22-part video series explores Jiu Jitsu concepts, techniques and strategies in a tactically condensed video format, focusing immediately on the good parts.

The idea is to get to point as quickly as possible in a highly visual presentation so that students may rewind and replay as often as needed to master the concept without having to go through a front-loaded orientation.  It is a quick reference learning guide designed to maximize your time on the mat!

Professor Eli Knight masterfully condenses both technical and tactical considerations so that you may quickly learn the following:

  • High percentage takedown from an arm drag
  • Leg entanglement tactics
  • Knee shield to back take
  • Berimbolo
  • Sit-out to backspin drill
  • Peruvian necktie
  • Kimura defense
  • Half guard passing
  • Illegal (competition) North/South escape
  • Killing the half and quarter guard pass
  • Spider guard
  • Quick and easy guard passing concepts
  • Sneaky gi chokes
  • Breaking the rules of arm bar
  • Omoplata defense
  • Guillotine to back take tactics
  • Guillotine to triangle choke
  • Retaking the back
  • Single leg defense to hip throw
  • Securing side control off an inside trip
  • Bonus videos

These concepts have been personally selected by Eli Knight who is a 2nd degree Black Belt Professor directly under the legendary Royce Gracie.  Each technique is shown multiple times, getting straight to the good parts with optimal viewing angles designed to expedite your learning and progression.


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