Boxing Lessons with Professional Boxer Jared Robinson

Step into the ring with professional boxer-turned-coach Jared Robinson in this cerebral and highly technical approach to boxer development.

Your coach holds a professional record of 16-2-1 and currently holds the USBO Super Lightweight title and has been featured on Showtime, CBS, and ESPN televised fights.

Learn how to advance your fundamentals and in-fight tactics through intelligent drills designed to improve your technical and tactical prowess in the ring.

The course is broken down into 20 chapters, each focusing in on specific ring tactics.

In this video series, you will learn:

  • Reaction Punching
  • Stacking and Aligning the Right Hand
  • Countering the Jab
  • Speed Hacking
  • Structural Integrity for Power and Incidental Defense
  • Right Uppercut Strategies
  • Eye Exercises for Depth Perception
  • Philly Shell: Countering the Straight Punch
  • Philly Shell: For Overhand Counters
  • Philly Shell: Overall Strategies
  • Stance & Structure
  • Sparring Guidance
  • Bumping for Power
  • 12-Punch Combinations for Training
  • Mitt Work Guidance

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