Balintawak: The Road to Level 7

Balintawak Arnis is a fast and furious CQC fighting system that effectively utilizes the principles of speed and power to overwhelm opponents in close range.

The pinnacle of Taboada Balintawak is reaching "Level 7" a rank that requires practitioners to achieve mastery of the system and produce demonstrable innovation, the creation of new techniques.

In this Balintawak Master Class, you are guided by four Level 7 instructors and Grand Master Bobby Taboada himself as they offer a multitude of priceless advice, guidance and training tips designed to polish your technical proficiency on the road to Level 7.

In this course you will learn:

  • Grouping System Mastery
  • Drills and Hacks for Expedited Learning
  • Specialized Training Tips for All Balintawak Levels
  • Power Generation
  • Intelligent Hacks for Speed
  • Advanced Tutorials on "Stealing Feeds"
  • Bonus Interview Material from the Grand Master
  • Tips on How to Pass Balintawak Grading and Ranking Tests

Total runtime: 137+ minutes.


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