The Bladed Grappler: Volume Two

What happens if you couldn’t avoid a violent encounter or even resolve it before it reached the ground grappling environment? To make matters worse, the person you are fighting pulls the blade that he had either been unwilling or unable to access before. How would this change your strategy, focus or ability to defend yourself?

The first volume of the Bladed Grappler tackled the topic of a knife in a ground fight, but with the limited scope of personal protection and escape. This continuation of that conversation has evolved. What if disengagement and escape are not immediate options? What if your child is in proximity and unable to run away efficiently? What if you are a body guard, law enforcement or other professional charged with protection of a third party? The initial answer is that you have to see this engagement through to more finality.

The Bladed Grappler 2 is not an instructional. It is a discussion of control considerations, positions and transitions, restraints and disarms. This discussion is the culmination of decades of research and training presented by two lifetime martial artists: Eli Knight & Jared Jessup. In this video, they discuss possibilities and probabilities with principle-based technical exploration. This is unlike anything you will find on the topic of knife defense.


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