Unboxing with Coach Simon Gildea

Professional UK Boxing Coach Simon Gildea brings you right in the ring in this intimate and personal coaching session. You are joined by 3 professional fighters from 3 different weight classes.

Designed for professional boxing development and raising the standards of coaching, this course is gritty and unapologetic. This is not a politically correct video. You're jumping straight into the shark tank.

The standard boxing manual is riddled with myths and half-truths. Boxers have personalized styles and tendencies that must be developed to achieve their maximum potential. This course is called "Unboxing" because it steps out-of-the-box and dives deep into the core of strategic and brutal boxing tactics.

This course will help you gain insight typically acquired through years of professional experience. Welcome to the boxing superhighway!

In this course you will learn:

  • Specialized Strategies for Devastating Body Punches
  • Advanced Ring Tactics and Strategies
  • Fighter Development for Strength and Endurance
  • Technical and Tactical Coaching
  • Detailed Mitt and Pad work
  • Identifying Boxing Manual Mythology
  • Focus on Attacking the Liver & Floating Ribs
  • High-Level Coaching

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