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Aperture Fight Focused: Subscription Service

Designed for the full spectrum fighter, this monumental video subscription service dishes out fight applicable video tutorials, drills, editorials and special features from the world's leading subject matter experts.  Gain immediate access to over 40 videos with a new video release every 4 d...

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Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics

A highly detailed defensive tactics master class for law enforcement with cross applicability to civilian self-defense.  Learn directly from a police officer, gang detective, SWAT operator and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Chad Lyman. Participants are thrust into a room full of law enforc...

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Breaking Angle One: Solutions For The Most Common Attacks

The Caveman attack otherwise known as the Angle One is the most common violent movement you are likely to encounter from both trained and untrained attackers! This master class covers both technical and tactical considerations from numerous martial arts and defensive tactics systems on how to de...

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Balintawak: The Road to Level 7

Balintawak Arnis is a fast and furious CQC fighting system that effectively utilizes the principles of speed and power to overwhelm opponents in close range. The pinnacle of Taboada Balintawak is reaching "Level 7" a rank that requires practitioners to achieve mastery of the system and produce d...

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Unboxing with Coach Simon Gildea

Professional UK Boxing Coach Simon Gildea brings you right in the ring in this intimate and personal coaching session. You are joined by 3 professional fighters from 3 different weight classes. Designed for professional boxing development and raising the standards of coaching, this course is gri...

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Snapshot Jiu Jitsu with Eli Knight

Have you ever noticed that when Jiu Jitsu practitioners watch tutorials online they tend to fast forward straight to "the good part"?  We noticed that, too! This 22-part video series explores Jiu Jitsu concepts, techniques and strategies in a tactically condensed video format, focusing...

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The Bladed Grappler: Volume One

The Bladed Grappler: Volume One with Eli Knight.

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The Bladed Grappler: Volume Two

What happens if you couldn’t avoid a violent encounter or even resolve it before it reached the ground grappling environment? To make matters worse, the person you are fighting pulls the blade that he had either been unwilling or unable to access before. How would this change your strategy,...

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Legends of Kali II: GT Leo Gaje Jr.

Learn the fighting secrets of the Filipino Armed Forces utilized in jungle and urban warfare directly from the source: The Grand Tuhon of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Leo Gaje!  A true living legend in the world of martial arts! In this dynamic seminar documentation students are placed in optimal vi...

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Jeet Kune Do Trapping for Wrestling and BJJ

JKD Trapping for wrestling and takedowns are lessons using the fundamental principles of trapping as a means for closing the distance in order to clinch and do a takedown. The essence of these lessons is to learn how to bridge the gap through a JKD perspective and follow up with different progres...

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NSI Multi-Disciplinary Martial Arts

An NSI Multi-Disciplinary Martial Arts video package, one with Kelly Worden only and another with both Kelly Worden and various Instructors.

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Boxing Lessons with Professional Boxer Jared Robinson

Step into the ring with professional boxer-turned-coach Jared Robinson in this cerebral and highly technical approach to boxer development. Your coach holds a professional record of 16-2-1 and currently holds the USBO Super Lightweight title and has been featured on Showtime, CBS, and ESPN telev...

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